Terms of Services

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  1. We provide content (music) only for backup purpose and all the services this website is providing is strictly for backup purposes. You might want to protect the content from possible damage and you might be allowed to get these songs, but check your local laws.
  2. These duplication are allowed under the U.S. Copyright Law, and you are entitled to this service by law. 
  3. This website will not be answerable for the consumer’s use of our backups.  We are only providing the service.
  4. If you sell your original software, you agree to destroy the digital, CD or any other type of backups of that title. 
  5. You take full liability for your own actions when using these back-ups and release from mp3vista.co, including all it’s employees, from all liabilities, which may arise – expressed, written, or implied. By complying with these regulations, it allows us (the service provider) to duplicate, and you (as a consumer) to receive the right to use our backups.

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